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Get to know Joy

My Story: About Me

Welcome to Better Days Counselling! Thank you for your time. It can be tough to find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and stressed, and even tougher to ask for help. You've taken a courageous step forward by seeking help, and I'd like to introduce myself, so you can get to know me and see if we're a good fit.

My interest in counselling began while studying for a bachelor's degree in social work, particularly through the Family Therapy course. My focus in counselling is on helping people live in the present without getting emotionally stuck in the past, being easily triggered by traumatic memories, dealing with unresolved negative feelings, or worrying constantly about the future.

I understand the excitement and challenges of living in other cultures, especially the journey of searching for our authentic selves in the face of multiple cultural identities. Sharing multiple cultural experiences has become my strength as a therapist because my deep curiosity and newness of experience have taught me to embrace differences, and I truly value that we all have stories and that no single person is less than others.

The journey of finding my authentic self was challenging and uneasy, yet I believe that self-love and compassion will come from a deep understanding of our past and where we are at. I would like to invite you on this beautiful journey to heal your inner wounds and regain your strength. It would be my privilege to work with you to find healing, hope, and positive solutions together.

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